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Cut and Paste

In your first Windows lesson you typed a sentence into a word processor and highlighted a word in bold or italic. In your first floppy disk lesson you typed an entire letter, saved it on your diskette and printed it. Now you will learn to Save As to make a new copy of a file in a new file name, Cut and Paste to move some lines of text, Delete a block of text without pressing Delete 400 times, and Save to update your changes to the current file name.

Activity: Write A Thank You Letter

Advanced: pull down the Edit menu. Do you see keystrokes next to Cut, Copy and Paste? These are shortcut keys. The standard Windows shortcuts are Control-X for Cut, Control-C for Copy and Control-V for Paste. You enter them by holding down the CONTROL key while you press X, C or V. Many common functions in the word processor have shortcut keys, but you can always use the menus if you forget them.
Optional: improve the appearance of your letter by selecting a larger font, putting some things in Bold, underlining certain key words, etc.