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Windows Lesson #1

We assume this is your first introduction to "Windows". We will demonstrate some fun tasks on Microsoft Windows 3.1 or Windows 95. Then you will learn how to do them. Ask questions if you get stuck. Classes are open to those of all ages. You will learn the following skills:

Watch the instructor do these steps, then you try them:

  1. Find Paint program. On Windows 3.1 you will have to double click on folders to open them. Run the Paint program (a double click in Windows3.1, single click in Windows 95). Draw a small picture using at least 2 colors and 2 different brushes. Don't get out of the Paint program yet. Leave it running.
  2. Alt-Tab back to Program Manager (Win 3.1) or use Start button (Win 95) and run the Write (Win 3.1) or WordPad (Win95) program. For Alt-Tab, you hold down the ALT key while pressing the Tab key until you the program name you want appears; then let up on the ALT key. You now have two programs running at the same time in Windows. Enter this sentence
            The Anguilla Computer Club meets every
            Monday and Thursday at 4:30 PM.  
  3. Highlight "Anguilla Computer Club" by putting the cursor on the first word and hold down the left mouse button while you move the mouse to the last word. Convert the highlighted text to Bold. Hint: look in the Format menu or look for a B button.
  4. Alt-Tab back to the Paint program. Use the Help menu item to find the page that describes how to draw a line. Draw a red line across your picture. Use the File menu and select the menu item to stop the Paint program.
  5. You should be back in Write or Wordpad. You can highlight with a mouse click and swipe or using the keyboard cursor keys and the SHIFT key. Highlight your sentence and press the Delete key. Your sentence should disappear. Exit from the program as you did for Paint.
  6. Find the File Manager (Win3.1) or Windows Explorer (Win95). Your computer has a hard disk called the C:\ drive. Find the Windows directory (folder) and find out the name of the first file in it. Exit from the file program. The computer should be back to where you started.

Congratulations. You made it.