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Build Math Skills

Activity: Googol Math Arcade

We have these classic arcade games on every computer, but you have to solve math problems too! If you are stuck on a math problem, type X and Googol will explain it. This is very helpful. The Googol games start at a very easy level, but you can increase the difficulty using the config screen for each game. math rescue screen

Activity: Math Rescue

Math Rescue is a fun game that is very similar to Word Rescue. The shareware version can be downloaded, but the inexpensive registered version has many more levels. The Gruzzles are stealing all the numbers in the world and putting them in robot garbage trucks. Your job is to is to reunite the numbers with their answers by exploring levels and solving math problems, and finding the garbage truck with the answer to the problem at bottom of each screen.

Use the cursor keys to move left and right and to climb up and down ladders. Use the CTRL key to jump--press CTRL and a cursor key at the same time to jump over any danger. You will find slime very helpful - pour it on a gruzzle with the SPACEBAR or the ALT key. To get more slime, jump up and hit a number icon, then solve the problem by hitting the correct answer. Once you have collected enough number icons on a level, a door opens and you enter the next level.