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Home Design on the Computer

The computer can help you design your home, make sure the furniture will fit, lay out the wiring, and print neat plans for construction. We will use a program called 3D Home Architect, which requires Windows.

Activity: Create This House

Your project is to reproduce this one-room 12' by 16' house, including door, windows, 30" fridge, 24" stove, 24" sink in base cabinet, sofa, and table. You will need to use this toolbar:


  1. Click on the wall  icon and draw 4 walls by clicking and dragging.
  2. Click on the door  icon and then click on the front wall where the door belongs.
  3. Click on the window icon and click on each wall where you want to insert a window.
  4. Click on the chair icon to select the sofa and then click where you want a sofa in the floorplan. Repeat for a small table.
  5. Click on the toilet/appliance icon to insert the fridge and stove. For the sink, you will first have to insert a base cabinet using the special cabinet icon, then insert a sink into it. [3d view]
  6. To adjust the position of a door, window or other object, click on the Select  icon, then the object that needs help. As you move the cursor over the object, red tags will appear that allow you to move and resize the object.
To get a 3D view of your floorplan, click on the eye icon, then the house icon. Once you have a 3D view, see if you can rotate it using the Rotate  icon so that it looks like the view to the right.

Advanced: Once you have a 3D view, select Tile from the Window menu to display both the floorplan and the 3D view side by side. Now move a window that you can see in the 3D view and watch it move in that view as well.