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Build English Skills

The computer can help you improve your skills in English reading, spelling, vocabulary, even grammer.

Activity: Word Rescue

Word Rescue is a fun arcade game that you can only win if you can read. The shareware version can be downloaded, but the inexpensive registered version has many more levels. If you find it too difficult, start with the Kid Phonics CD instead.

The object of Word Rescue is to save the words from the Gruzzles. They have stolen the words out of all the books, but you can put them back by matching the words with the pictures. Use the cursor keys to move left and right and to climb up and down ladders. Use the CTRL key to jump--press CTRL and a cursor key at the same time to jump over a dangerous waterfall. You will find slime very helpful - pour it on a gruzzle with the SPACEBAR.

How to Succeed at Word Rescue

Increase the Difficulty Level

Is Word Rescue too easy for you? Press ESC to get to the menu, then select Difficulty. As the difficulty rises, the number of Gruzzles increases and the availability of slime decreases.

More Word Fun

If you finish all the levels in Word Rescue Episode 1, the Club also has Episodes 2 and 3. Other programs that can help your English are: Look for them on the club menus.