Children's Class 1998


Computer Boot Camp 98 - Anguilla

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Main Aim of the Program


To develop a sufficient consciousness and confidence with the machine and its parts i.e. monitor, keyboard, mouse.

To make understand the possibilities of enhancement of PC applications by means of additional devices and tools (laser printer, ink jet printer, scanner, digital camera).

To develop a sufficient confidence with typing and then word processing, drawing (both free-hand and technical drawing), calculating.


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The class has been - after a week - actually divided into two clusters according to the age and skills showed.

The first group has been using mainly 4 Pentium 200 in network, loading WIN ’95 and Office ’97. Printer device HP Laser and a HP Scanner. This 4 PC were connected to the Internet.

The second group has been working mainly on 486 WIN ’95 or 386 loading WIN 3.1 and Microsoft Works for Windows (in order to emulate Office ’97).





Basically the whole class has been dealing with the same topics, although using different tools.


  1. A detailed description of the Hardware, by opening more than one machine, in order to show:


2. A detailed description of the environment WIN’95 and namely:



3. A detailed description of the accessories of WIN’95 and namely:


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  1. Drawing lessons (Free-Hand) by using Paint. Children have been drawing and learnt the essential tools, and namely:



5. Typing lessons by using, Write for WIN 3.1, Word Pad WIN ’95, Word Processor included in Microsoft Works for Windows, and WORD ’97. And namely:


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  1. Drawing lessons (Technical Design) by using Home Architect. Children have been drawing and learnt the essential tools, and namely:




Educational and cultural subject matter


It was meant to give to the children besides to skills in using the PC even some educational contents.

Thus the subject on whom they have been drawing, computing and writing have been chosen among the following:


  1. Anatomy:


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  1. Geography and Astronomy


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  1. History


  1. Art and Architecture


Italian Renaissance buildings and churches

Rome buildings and churches

Florence buildings and churches

Naples buildings and churches

Venice buildings and churches

Buildings and churches in Netherlands

Buildings and churches in Norway

Buildings and churches in British countryside

Pompei and Ercolaneum Roman ruins



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