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BASIC Lesson #4: Demo and Tutorial

Each of our computers contains a complete on-line BASIC tutorial, including demonstration games and lessons. Here are some helpful hints:

Activity: BASIC Syntax

The Basic Tutorial is option 11 on the main menu and has 10 lessons. Start with lesson 2 and see how many you complete in 20 minutes. Try more next time.
  1. Guide. This is a reference to GWBASIC syntax and commands. "guide.bas"
  2. Print. This is a good place to start, then work your way through the other lessons. At the end of each lesson, you may practise with the real GWBASIC by typing "Z". If you do so, when you are done you must either type SYSTEM to get back to the club menu or LOAD "BTMENU.BAS",R to get back to the Basic menu. "print.bas"
  3. Modes. BASIC is either in Immediate mode or Programming mode. "modes.bas"
  4. GoTo. How to jump around. Hint: do NEW before writing a program. Otherwise you are modifying the lesson program itself, which is quite large. "goto.bas"
  5. Let. Assign numbers or string values to storage variables. "let.bas"
  6. For and Next. How to repeat something many times, but not forever. "fornext.bas"
  7. Input. Reading characters from the keyboard. "input.bas"
  8. If and Then. Do it this way sometimes, that way others. "ifthen.bas"
  9. Read and Data. Fill your program with data. "readdata.bas"
  10. Gosub and Return. Break your program into smaller pieces, called subroutines. "gr.bas"
Exploring: Each lesson and game is a separate program and has its own BAS file, as in goto.bas. The file names are shown above in small letters. If you want to explore, type LOAD "GOTO.BAS" in GWBASIC, then LIST. To get into GWBASIC, type B at the Basic Tutorial menu.

Word Scramble. This is one of the games on the main menu: option 5. Try word group A (3 letters) and D (4 letters), then Q to get back to the menu. Now study the program itself: "scramble.bas"